"Everyone carries within them the light of the stars and the power of love to make their world a beautiful place"

Anya was born in Serbia, a European country that was in a great crisis when she was growing up. Sanctions and war forced people to fight for survival. She has always been the best student, interested in science, neuroscience, molecular biology and psychology, and loved to ask questions atypical for her age, such as, "Who am I?" "What is my purpose?" She wanted to know everything about life, people and she always saw herself as someone who is in the role of a teacher and someone who helps people.

Her parents divorced and after that she started at least a challenging life. Poverty ruined her dreams every day, but she knew she could do much more than she sometimes believed.
After high school, she left home and became completely independent, doing two jobs to pay for a private university and provide herself with the best possible education.


Convinced that the best investment is an investment in herself and knowledge. She changed her expensive wardrobe for the highest quality courses and education in various fields from molecular biology to Reiki education. She has always been a coach and mentor to her friends or casual passers-by in her life. She experienced enlightenment when she discovered coaching, a profession that carries everything that she is - a therapist, friend, support, mentor, healer, and above all a curious mind. Her love for teaching and people, her creativity as well as her excellent communication skills and empathy were the ideal ground for everything that grows in her garden of abundance today.

Anya is an International NLP master trainer and International Coach, one of the founders of the CARS Coaching & Training center,

For 10 years she supports thousands of people worldwide through individual and group coaching and also  NLP certificated educations and workshops. She is encouraging people to build their life system strong enough to support them in achieving all goals.

Anya created the coaching program "Challenge of Abundance 365" that has influenced and inspired thousands of people to change their lives for the better. This program is a teaching with a great desire to motivate and inspire people to take the first step and change what brings them dissatisfaction in life.

She shares her passion for learning and research with people through programs and educations that she creates with a lot of love. Her mission is to support people and show them how to shine with a radiant glow in the excellence that we all carry within us. She believes that:

"Who wants something, finds a way

who doesn't want, finds an excuse."

This is a unique coaching program for those bravest and most determined to live a meaningful life in abundance in all fields.

"Challenge of Abundance 365" is a specially designed coaching program that supports you to persevere in the implementation of new useful habits.

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