This is a unique coaching program for those bravest and most determined to live a meaningful life in abundance in all fields.

"Challenge of Abundance 365" is a specially designed coaching program that supports you to persevere in the implementation of new useful habits.

  • Stuck in a relationship, career, or life itself

  • Frustrated

  • You manage to achieve all the obligations both at work and at home, but you have very little or no time for yourself

  • lost in life

  • You know what you don't want but you're not sure what you want

  • Want to change a job or to advance your career

  • You feel fear or anxiety 

  • You want to change bad habits

  • You expend a lot of energy to stay strong, but deep down you feel like you are not

  • You can't make a decision

  • You want to start your own business but you are afraid of everything that awaits you

  • You are on the verge of burnout

  • You lack motivation and focus

  • You don't think you're good enough

  • You can't say no and set boundaries

I want you to know that:

1. You have all the strengths you need for change inside of you

2. You're not alone and don't need to go through the process of change alone


What my clients struggle with the most is consistency and perseverance when they want to implement new habits and routines into their daily routine.

When the initial enthusiasm subsides, we start bargaining with ourselves and our programs begin to wake up and question whether we are good enough, hardworking, capable, smart, happy, enough to achieve our goals. At this stage, most people give up new habits and goals and return to the old ones. This motivated me to use all the knowledge I have gained so far through educations, life and training experience and coaching practice to design a unique transformational program.

What makes this program special is that it approaches holistically to all 12 aspects of our lives, but also individually to each individual, his topics and needs.


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Image by Nathan Fertig

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Secret Santa

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Image by Scott Broome



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Image by Jessica Rockowitz

You've heard the saying, "We always carry ourselves with us wherever we go." People usually focus on what they want to get, adjust their behavior to build habits that will bring it to them, but they rarely focus on themselves, their values and their beliefs about themselves and the world. The most common reason for quickly giving up change is precisely the mismatch between what we want to achieve and what we are.


The special coaching approach "Small System Steps" is based on NLP and coaching tools. It will help you figure out what you want to become in all areas of your life because only then every habit you introduce in your daily practice will be in harmony with you.

365 days of coaching

The only coaching program that lasts 365 days

Or you can choose your own tempo

400+ coaching techniques

that can help you build strong system of your business or life

100+ ideas to improve your daily routine

let your daily routine shape your life to mastery

20 minutes per day

52 weeks 52 life topics

52 topics that cover all segments of life

Be better 1% every day and 365% more successful in 1 year

Your masterclass tribe

Facebook group as a priceless support

My professional support

I am sending you emails that will support your change and I will personally answer all questions within 48 hours

small steps system

and a special bonus...

PDF printable Journal for all 365 day



Hi I am

Anya Tomic

Anja is an International NLP master trainer and International Coach, one of the founders of the CARS Coaching & Training center,

For 10 years she is support for thousands of people worldwide through individual and group coaching and also  NLP certificated educations and workshops. She is encouraging people to build their life system strong enough to support them in achieving all goals.

Anja created the coaching program "Challenge of Abundance 365" that has influenced and inspired thousands of people to change their lives for the better. This program is a teaching with a great desire to motivate and inspire people to take the first step and change what brings them dissatisfaction in life.

She shares her passion for learning and research with people through programs and educations that she creates with a lot of love. Her mission is to support people and show them how to shine with a radiant glow in the excellence that we all carry within us. She believes that:

"whoever wants finds a way

whoever doesn't want finds an excuse."



  • How to write Diary of abundance

There are studies that have shown that handwriting activates those centers in the brain that are responsible for creation and inspiration. Writing moves our whole mind and enables it to create a continuous flow of thoughts. The diary helps us to look at various life situations on a deeper level. It allows us to see more clearly those moments that are difficult and complicated. When we see more clearly, then we can find a solution easier.

  • Toolkit | My systems of life

investigate how satisfied you are at the moment with your life systems​ such as:

- Your emotional state, relationships
- Intellectual development, acquiring new skills
- Physical appearance, wellness, health
- lifestyle
- Career, finance

  • My authentic life vision

explore their strengths and weaknesses and turn your wishes in a clear and authentic vision of life that will keep you motivated on a daily basis to persevere and be better

  • The power of intention game

What we say or do affects our thoughts and feelings. When we connect intention with what we do, our life gets a clear direction.

  • The science of sleep tools

How to improve your sleep in order to sleep well and wake up full of energy.

  • 365 + small daily habits

that improves our quality of life

  • A masterful morning routine

New ideas on how can improve your morning routine.

  • Toolkit for the optimistic state of mind​

Your first step to overcoming problems and fears. Practicing an optimistic state of mind does not mean pretending to be happy when we are not, but being able to be happy when we are and being able to rise above the problem by seeking its solution. 

  • Learn how to say "NO"

Set healthy boundaries that allow you to always make decisions in accordance with yourself

  • Discover and honor your Purpose

when we know our purpose, then we know in which direction each of our decisions should lead. then we live in harmony with ourselves and abundance is a natural part of our everyday life

  • How to set goals in nlp way

Everyone sets goals, but there is a reason why only a few achieve them. Learn all the secrets of setting goals to be achieved

  • Become a master of time management

Get More Done In Less Time. discover patterns that sabotage your productivity. and learn techniques for organizing time

  • Balance toolkit

Achieve Work-Life Balance. we can be successful in our careers without neglecting family or health. Discover the secret of how to balance all roles and interests

  • Walking in others shoes exercise

Resolve internal and conflicts with others by walking in their shoes

  • Strengthen your mindset

Discover the beliefs that sabotage you on the way to the desired goal and transform them to be your support

  • Strengthen your soulset

Our soul has a mission. Learn to understand the language your soul speaks to you, discover your purpose and live according to it

  • Strengthen your emotionsset

Get to know your emotions. Learn how to learn from them and how to process them in a healthy way

  • Clear up your space and mind

As we regularly keep our space clean, so we need to deal with our thoughts and mind from time to time. In one of the weeks, we will explore what is surplus, what hinders us and we'll open space for new ideas, thoughts and experiences!

  • Awaken creativity and inspiration.

I will show you special techniques that help me awaken inspiration and creativity. Let artistic blockades become a thing of the past

These are just some of the techniques and topics we will cover, see below the other topics we will cover throughout the year

  • Coaching yourself

  • Fears and anxiety

  • Self-esteem

  • Self-confidence

  • Weight Loss

  • Creativity

  • Motivation

  • Focus

  • Inspiration

  • stress management

  • Emotional Management

  • Gratitude

  • Healing of inner-child

  • Science of laughing

  • Parenting

  • Relationships

  • Career management

  • Communication skills

  • Courage

  • Money Mindset



Tatiana L, School principle

I felt cramped in my own skin. I have been looking for a long time to get out of the stuck situation. Searching, I came across the “System of Abundance”. It wasn’t easy at first, but I didn’t give up. I needed an inner change, to accept and love myself. I resolutely took on the script for a new role in a chapter of my life. I trusted myself and Anya, the author of my new role, who leads me step by step. I discovered how easy it is to be happy


Johanna Z, Marketing expert

Thank you for challenging me to grow and develop myself! I have a feeling I woke up from some deep sleep. Since I write challenges every day, everything that worried, scared, suffocated and sabotaged me no longer has power. The power is in my hands again!

Sarah P, Expert Ecologist

At first I was skeptical about joining the challenge, but after the first week I was thrilled with the insights and ideas on how to improve my daily life. Now in the 34th week I live a completely different reality. Thank you Anja for everything.



It comes with the interactive One-year Online Experience that contains actionable worksheets, tasks, and challenges worth over $365

Here’s What You Get in Challenge of Abundance 365

  • Instant access to Challenge of abundance 365 coaching program that comes with tools, ideas, strategies, and the latest knowledge in the field of personal and professional development. (valued $365)

  • FREE Bonus: All-time Membership in a special private Facebook group provides you with added value and support, a place to share experiences and ideas  (valued at $36 per year)

  • FREE Bonus: Unique Journal as your reliable planner, inspiration, and support on the path of building exceptional abundant life (valued at $36)

  • FREE Bonus: My professional coaching support email support during the program and 50% discount for an individual coaching consultation with me 


Valued at Over $365– The Challenge of Abundance 365 program is yours for only:

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