Privacy Policy and GDPR


The European Union adopted the Regulation on Personal Data Protection (GDPR), which entered into force on May 25, 2018. years. This regulation regulates the management of personal data of citizens of the European Union, with an emphasis on security and protection. The regulation also applies to all entrepreneurs operating outside the EU, if they have EU clients and users and collect their personal data. This site contains a privacy policy, our obligations to users related to personal data protection (GDPR), and information on the use of cookies. It also regulates the management of data received from users, visitors, and customers of the site (hereinafter: Users).


This privacy policy applies to the site (hereinafter: the Site), all products and services offered by the site regardless of whether they are listed or not. The Site respects and preserves the personal integrity of persons who visit our Site in the manner described below.


The site guarantees that the data you have provided to us will not in any case be misused, sold, or passed on to third parties.


Like all other sites on the Internet, we use cookies to collect anonymous data that we use to improve and enhance the functionality of the site. Based on this data, we can know which content is popular.

All data, cookies as well as private data such as name and surname, email address or residence, will not be collected without the express consent of the user.​

Rules of personal data protection​


The site receives your personal data upon registration, when leaving comments and when subscribing to our news/newsletter.

The data collected on these occasions are name, surname, email address. You can also decide to leave your date of birth, phone number, job. Data are collected from users exclusively on a voluntary basis, ie. when users decide to enter their own data. If the user does not want to leave the data, he denies himself the benefits that the site offers.

Users agree to give permission by subscribing to the newsletter and agree to be able to receive news related to the operation of the site, news and offers related to campaigns on our site. The user is informed that he can cancel at any time and withdraw his consent to receive this news by clicking on the "unsubscribe me" field at the bottom of the newsletter. To collect this information and send a newsletter, the site uses the services of, which also operates in accordance with European law (GDPR). You can check this on the links Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Data is collected with the best of intentions, respecting the privacy of users. The data is used for the purpose of communication with the user and enabling better use of the portal.

In addition, anonymous data is collected, via cookies, such as IP addresses, computer time, and browser type. This data is used to improve the functions of the portal and to collect anonymous statistics such as visits or popular content.

The cookies are well-intentioned, and the data they collected is anonymous. Personal data and cookies are collected only with the express consent of the user and are used only for the use of the portal. Further, third-party cookies, such as Google cookies, are collected with the user's consent and are used to track site statistics.


The user has the right to request changes and deletions of data collected by the site. You can send all remarks to the e-mail">


Data security​


In order to ensure the personal data of users, the Site has taken all objective measures, organizational, technical and personnel to protect the data from loss, unauthorized alteration, theft or access.


Staff who are in contact with the user's personal data are obliged to handle the data with the utmost caution, respecting the user's privacy.



According to European regulations, we are obliged to inform you about the use of cookies.


The data collected by our advertising partners, such as Google Adsense, with the prior permission of each individual user, is used to track site traffic and the number of texts reads.


If the user does not want to receive personalized ads, he can withdraw from the data collection at any time using the links below.


To learn how Google uses the data and services, please visit the following link:


What are cookies?

Cookies are small, text pieces of data that are stored on your computer to collect anonymous data.


What do cookies collect?

Our cookies, with your permission, collect the computer's IP address, time and possibly the browser you use.


By using the site, the user agrees to the use of cookies and that the information about the above is used for statistical purposes of tracking site visits.

How do we use them?

We use cookies to track the statistics of visits to the page, which articles are interesting to readers and to improve the work and speed of the page. In addition, cookies are used so that you can use the site without interruption and easily. For example, cookies may remember the search or your log-in information that you left on the page, so you would not have to do this every time.

What cookies are there?

There are first-class cookies, which we have already explained, and third-class cookies, which are set by partner sites, advertising companies such as Google Analytics, Google Adsense and marketing companies. With them, these companies track the number of text readings and the number of clicks on a particular link.

First-class cookies

First-class cookies are cookies set by our site, in order to improve the user experience.

Third-party cookies

Our portal uses several services that set limited cookies, which do not come from our portal, nor do we have control over them, they serve to enable certain functions of the site.


Google Analytics may set cookies to measure traffic to our site and to improve the user experience. If you want to disable these cookies, visit the following link: Google Analytics - dlpage / gaoptout


The social network

By sharing articles on social networks, such as Facebook, cookies can be set to the user.


How to manage cookies?

You can delete or even block cookies set by our site. For more information on how to control cookies, visit the help pages of the browser you are using. However, we do not recommend blocking cookies, as this may deprive you of certain features of the site and access to certain content.




By registering and using the Site, it is considered that the user has read, understood and accepted the Rules of Personal Data Protection. The rules are subject to change, so users are asked to check the current version from time to time. If after the change of the rules the user continues to use the portal, it will be considered that he agrees with the changes of the Rules of personal data protection.


GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation

Read more about what GDPR is here: GDPR

This Privacy Policy and Personal Data Protection Rules were adopted on August 23, 2019. and shall take effect on the date of publication.